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Rusty - November 17, 2007

I should once again mention that I haven’t yet closed on this place. I’ve found that the process of closing on a co-op in New York City is slow as molasses in January. From the seller to the real estate agent to the co-op board to the seller’s attorney, nobody ever takes the initiative to get stuff done. There are only so many phone calls you can make. It’s maddening. And I’d say that the average time from offer to close is around 3-4 months (my and all of my friends’ experience). I know, it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, to the photos:

It’s actually a pretty decent layout, especially for how small the apartment is (approx. 425 sq. ft.). I’d personally prefer less room in the bedroom and put more room into the kitchen and bathroom, but there’s very little I can do here.

The bathroom is narrow, too narrow to rotate the tub to be at the end of the room. I hate those wrap around shower curtain rods and would prefer it to be straight, that means I’d have to build some kind of wall or something there. I’d like to replace the tub anyway but still don’t know. We’ll see. I imagine replacing the toilet will be tricky because it’s already far away from the wall and the waste-line isn’t easily moved. Don’t know what I’ll do there either. I’d like to keep the pocket door, though I don’t know if the existing one is salvageable.


Very little needs to be done here. The floors are in great shape, they just need to be sanded and stained, probably a dark walnut or something (there’s lots of light in this unit, I don’t worry about a dark floor). I like shutters when they naturally fit the architecture…these don’t. I’ll be taking those out though I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do for window treatments (if anything). I’ll definitely be taking out those terrible built-ins under the windows. I was also considering installing a flat-screen tv with in-wall surround sound, fully-set up, but both my wife and brother say that’s a bad idea. I think anyone would appreciate having something like that all ready for them when they move in but my wife doesn’t like forcing the buyer to orient their room around the tv and my brother says he’d rather choose the equipment than allow me to do it. So I don’t know yet.






The kitchen is tiny. So as a result I’ll open up the wall and bring it out a little bit into the living room and have a bar (instead of a wall). I’ll post renderings and talk about those plans later. But I will be doing Ikea, I will have an undermount fridge, I will probably have a below-sink dishwasher (our friends did it with a Fisher & Paykel and love it), I will use my left-over backsplash tile from my own apartment and I will do a beautiful floor tile.

Practically no changes. I don’t yet know what to do about a closet. I’d like to expand it from the existing one, though I wonder if a single person moves in if they’d rather have that space for a desk or something. We’ll see.



All in all it should be a fun little project (if I can ever close). Periodically I’ll be posting renderings and perhaps polls of possible options of things I’m considering doing to get everyone’s feedback. It’d be nice to close and be able to start demo.

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