Demolition days…

Chris - November 27, 2007

A couple weeks after moving into the house, the demolition started in earnest.  The first project was the kitchen, with it’s door-less cupboards, vinyl flooring as wall treatment, and antiquated everything.  Because the kitchen was so small, and we had six hands to help in the effort, the demo project went pretty quickly… and left us without a very important room.


In order to increase the size of the kitchen and find a place for the refrigerator, two walls needed to move - which impacted both the dining room and the second bedroom, or the entire middle of the house.  I hired a contractor to do the dirty dirty job of demo-ing the lathe and plaster in both rooms, and in turn hang new drywall.  The project continued into the living room, as I wanted to re-imagine the stylistic archway separating it from the dining room and open the space up a bit.


During the demolition process, we were relegated to three unconnected rooms in the house, which meant that my bedroom served also as living room and kitchen, while the bathroom sink doubled as dishwashing station.  The only benefit of doing this with a 4-year old is that they’re so resilient at that age - I think it felt more like a camping trip to my son than a disruption.  However, I don’t recommend living through significant demolition of lathe and plaster to anyone.  By the time we had our house back we’d lived through 6-weeks of never-ending dust, wearing shoes everywhere, and cramped quarters.  Lesson learned!

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