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Kersten - January 31, 2008

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom got the most in the way of a facelift. It doesn’t look like much, but this one is about twice the size of our last bathroom, which was comically small.



The toilet, sink and cabinet are all new. Again, that’s the slate tile with sealer/enhancer on the floor. The color is what I would call ice blue, but Benjamin Moore calls it “Whispering Spring.” The mirror is from Lowe’s or Home Depot, the light fixture from Galaxy Lighting in South Salt Lake and was about the only one that we found for not a lot of money but with adjustable wiring for our nutty off-center junction box. It’s still a pretty tight space, so we didn’t have a lot of leeway in terms of the layout (I was standing in the tub to take the picture above).

There’s still a gap to the left of the sink cabinet because the wall wasn’t square (imagine!). That gap may be permanent, because I’m out of ideas for filling it in.

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  1. your apartment renovation is really spectacular. I’ll hire you to redo my house as soon as you go commercial (and fly out to the East coast on a daily basis). Our of your entire apartment, the only thing I can find fault with is the towel rack in the bathroom. That thing kind of looks like it was leftover from the previous owners. However, I do understand that you needed some shelving to make the small space work. I’d opt for glass shelves with simple chrome brackets and a separate towel rack underneath (or towel racks on the opposite wall). However, if that’s my only complaint about your whole space (and, frankly, what do I know about design?) — I’d say you’ve done a fantastic job. Kudos!

    Comment by catherine — February 4, 2008 @ 11:05 am

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