The devil is in more detail

Sasha - December 24, 2008

Hey there, I’ve posted some detail before, but this time I’ve got better pics to share now that certain bits and pieces have been placed.

So let’s start with the bathroom:

I’ve chosen Dornbracht fittings here. Primarily from the Meta.02 range - I liked its simplicity. You may think it’s odd to have a hand shower in the shower. Well, I kinda like the Japanese onsen experience. If you’ve ever had one, you’ll know that before entering the main pool areas, you sit on a little chair (called a hinoki) and you scrub with a loofah and then rinse. It’s a nice little ritual - and somehow more cleansing that an ordinary shower. Now I just have to find a nice hinoki…

For the bath I’ve used a Water Sheet and mixer from the Symmetrics range:

Rather excitingly, the kitchen was also installed last week. I’ve chosen Siemens rangehood and dishwasher, but Smeg hob, combi oven and fridge (also for the design aspect). I’m also putting in a Quooker; because I have an island only, I didn’t want to have a kettle sitting on top all the time (and I’m a bit tea drinker so hot water at the ready is a huge plus!):

Now it really feels like somewhere to live!

…which also has nothing to do with the fact that the toilet’s now in (Phillip Starck by the way):


  1. Awesome.

    Comment by Rusty — December 24, 2008 @ 7:20 am

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