Submission Policy

Rusty - February 16, 2007

All submissions are to be sent to

Submissions of your renovations are welcome as long as they’re good. Nobody wants to see your lame I-bought-everything-at-the-Home-Depot-discount-bin renovation. If you don’t care enough about the place to put some love into it, neither do we.

Please including the following:
- First name(s) and city of renovation
- Floorplan (ideally an Illustrator file, but whatever is fine, I can re-draw it)
- “Before” pictures
- “During” pictures (optional)
- “After” pictures, ideally from the same angles as the before pics
- Short introductory paragraph
- Brief explanations of design decisions

Please send us your photos of architectural details. And remember, we don’t want crap.

Please including the following:
- Photo
- City, neighborhood of photo

NOTE: all pictures should be jpegs at 72 dpi and at least close to the size of those already on this site.

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